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jjverse is a challenge community that brings together fans of JJ Abrams' work and throws them into an extremely competitive, but even more extremely awesome and addictive environment! Once sorted into one of 4 teams [Rambaldi (Alias), Fringe, Oceanic (Lost), Trek], the fun begins!

Apply today (click the banner), and you can start participating right away! The best part is that you do not have to be familiar with all or even most of J.J.'s work/fandoms! The team names are truly just that, team names. The only thing affected is with whom you play and Team Oceanic is THE EPICKEST TEAM IN EXISTENCE SO YOU'LL BE WANTING TO PLAY WITH US. JOIN jjverse TODAY AND ASK FOR OCEANIC! IF THERE ARE NO AVAILABILITIES ON OCEANIC, ASK TO BE PUT IN LINE FOR THE NEXT OPENING!

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Hey guys! First of all, I've been made a moderator, as celandine_belle isn't as available as before. If anyone would like to moderate with me, please let me know. I could use the help. I'm thinking we should do more general LOST discussion; Driveshaft hasn't really made an appearance since last season. Anyone up for it?

Second, I'm sorry if any of you saw the post about the lost_hate community. They've been going to all of the LOST communities and posting an "advertisement" post (or should I say spamming). I've also discovered there is a Die Charlie Die community. 

It really makes me mad, but let's just ignore them. Personally I think it's immature to make a hate community (even for things I hate), and once they've started they won't stop. Let's just go on with our discussion and support as usual.


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Want it?

Anyone interested in taking over this community?
I'm not on livejournal much anymore and wanted to
see if anyone wanted use of the driveshaft_fans
name first instead of just deleting it.
Just post or email me if you're interested.
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Good Luck!

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you know that 'Foxy' is on the cover of the latest TV Guide. There's an article with lots of pics inside, including ones that he took himself. Very cool!

And speaking of 'Foxy' let's all cross our fingers that he wins the Best Actor in a Drama Golden Globe Award tonight! (And that LOST wins, Best Drama...and Naveen gets Best Supporting Actor, too!)
I must say, I will be quite SHOCKED if LOST does not win for Best Drama!
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I'm sure everyone knows by now that there is a new LOST episode, "23rd Psalm" on tonight. That's nice that they're doing another recap special. It feels like it has been so long since I've watched LOST, I could probably use a recap refresher!

I just found out yesterday that I missed Dom on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Monday night. What makes it even worse is that I left the L.A. area earlier that day!
Just missed him!

(But, I saw that he is on Ellen today, so at least I'll be able to catch that!)

Oh yeah! Did anyone see Dom on the People's Choice Awards? It was pretty cute, especially when he came out and was all excited about having just met Harrison Ford backstage! (I would be, too!) It was also cool because Jennifer Garner won,
which he seemed happy about. My only complaint was that he said nominee instead of winner. Did anyone else catch that?

Now is it just me, or are any of you less enthusiastic about LOST this season?
I remember last year, it seemes like none of thought we could live without new LOST episodes for a month. This time around, it's just been like, "No new LOST this week? Ah, bummer." Why do you think that is? Hmmmm....could it be Ana-Lucia?
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How cute is this?

Image hosted by

A worried Lilo and Stitch ponder their fate in this colorful tribute to television's LOST. This clever gold-finished pin is one in a series spotlighting Disney characters in tribute to one of ABC's most popular television shows.

If you'd like to check it out further, click here.

I had to get it, of course!
They also have a pin spoofing 'Alias.'
It's of Minnie Mouse wearing Sydney Bristow's trademark red wig and is called 'Alibi.'
(You'll probably want to check it out, stephid!)

Well, I'm actually off to Disneyland this weekend! Woo-hoo!
Hope you all have a great weekend, too! :)
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Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to newest member, touch_0f_pink.
I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's!

Is anyone else ready for new LOST episodes?
I can't even remember the last time I've watched LOST!
(Isn't that horrible?!)
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